This is a
love story

Three months after our first date, we were sitting at Eli’s kitchen table eating dinner when we came up with this really cool idea. You guessed it - the really cool idea was what later became Universal Yums.

We had no idea how to start a business - so we wrote on a bunch of Post-Its everything we thought we might need to do. We took the Post-Its off the wall one by one until the day when we finally had enough customers to be able to quit our corporate jobs.

(Eli wanted to call it “Global Gobble” - Monique said “no”.)

(If you were one of those early customers, we want to thank you for being with us even when the boxes looked like this.)

We will not lie, not to you, our dear friend reading this “About Us” page. The first few years of business ownership were hard!

We were packing boxes, writing the booklet that goes inside each box, building this website you’re on right now, and trying snacks and candies from all over the world! (Okay, that last part was not hard at all. It was delicious and fun.)

What made things a little bit easier was:

1Hiring some amazingly smart and fun people to help us.

We now have a wonderful team of more than 80! Want to join us?

2Importing all of the products ourselves.

(We do this so your snacks are safe to eat, meet all US regulations, and so that we always find the absolute best Yums.)

To go from a really cool idea to shipping over FIVE MILLION BOXES has been the second greatest joy of our lives. We will tell you what the first greatest joy has been in one minute. But before that, we want to tell you our favorite snacks:

Monique’s Favorite

Spicy Mango Gummies

Eli’s Favorite

Rhubarb and Custard Bon Bons

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Now that you know all this important information, we bet you can guess our first greatest joy. This is a love story after all! Which means it has a sappy, cute baby at the end!