Food Safety

Universal Yums is committed to food safety and quality assurance as a top priority. We employ an internal food safety compliance and quality assurance team that thoroughly conducts supplier risk assessments ensuring each product we sell is vetted to meet applicable FDA and/or USDA regulations.

Supplier and Product Approval Process

Suppliers must undergo a series of risk-based verification activities before being approved by Universal Yums’ food safety compliance team. Each supplier must maintain and pass independent 3rd party audit certifications that take place annually. Relevant food safety documents are reviewed ensuring the most up to date, scientifically rigorous, manufacturing practices are upheld for each product.

Continuous Monitoring and Product Quality

Products are continuously monitored to proactively address quality through routine and non-routine product quality testing. To ensure the highest level of food safety and quality assurance, Universal Yums has direct oversight into the importation and transportation of products directly from the manufacturer as well as storing products in our own temperature-controlled warehouse at our Roseland, NJ headquarter location. Our direct from the manufacturer supply chain sourcing strategy ensures we have direct control of products for food safety and product quality.