The Best Snack Box Ever

Universal Yums is the best way to try unique snacks from around the world! Each month you’ll get to snack on a mix of chips, cakes and candies from a different featured country.

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Mini Lentil Samosas

From India

Rhubarb & Custard Bonbons

From the UK

Thai Iced Tea Wafer Cookies

From Thailand

Caramel & Garlic Crisps

From Thailand

Vanilla Tahini Halva

From Turkey

Tomato & Oregano Bruschetta Bites

From Italy

Hope You Saved Room for Fun!


For light snackers. Just enough for a taste. 5-7 snacks.

Yum Yum

Perfect when you want to try lots of new snacks. 10-12 snacks.

Super Yum

For those with a MIGHTY HUNGER. 18-20 snacks.

What’s in a box?

A tasty trip

Travel to a different country each month… with your mouth!

Trivia & games

Play trivia, learn snack history, and enjoy interactive games as our 12+ page booklet guides your journey.

Earth’s hidden snack gems

We found Sweden’s best kept secret (Cookie Dough Truffles) and Taiwan’s most addicting snack (Egg Yolk Popcorn).

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