Universal Yums vs. SnackCrate

One snack box is just like any other, right? Wrong! Universal Yums is a whole lot more than just a subscription box—it’s a cultural experience delivered to your door every month. Look and see for yourself why we’re the best in the biz!

More Than Just Snacks

Other snack boxes just give you a bunch of snacks and (if you’re lucky) a bit of info about them. Our booklet is packed with the history and culture of snack, while also providing fun trivia and games that you can enjoy with friends and family.

Great Value

Whether you’re just nibbling or full-on munching, Universal Yums offers more for less.

Box SizeUniversal YumsSnackCrate
vs Mini
(5-6 snacks)
$17/ box$17.99 / box
Yum Yum
vs Original
(10-12 snacks)
$29/ box$29.99 / box
Super Yum
vs Family
(18-20 snacks)
$45/ box$49.99 / box

*Based on current data as of Feb 1st 2022

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Our Stellar Reputation

We’ve shipped over 5 million snack boxes all around the world. People seem to like us.

Universal YumsSnackCrate
My Subscription Addiction Overall Rating4.22.8

“This popular box is a fun exploration of flavors, a chance to learn about world cultures, and a way to enjoy a bit of wanderlust from the comfort of home.”

“For foodies who like to eat their way around the world, it’s like a dream come true…trust me you’ll want to opt for the biggest one.”

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