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Butter & Salt Potato Chips

A strange and savory chip.

Single Pack | 4.6 oz

These chips take all the flavor of a hot baked potato dripping with butter and turn it into a mouth watering snack

Polish Snacks

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Ingredients: Potato, Vegetable Oils In Varying Proportions (Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed Oil), Salt, Sweet Whey Powder, Sugar, Buttermilk Powder, Cream Powder, Butter Powder, Artificial Flavors, Tocopherols, Beta-Carotene (Color).

Contains:  MILK.

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These are heavenly. I’d buy them over & over! Yummy!


10/10 the best potato chip I’ve had. It has such a great rich buttery flavor. Like super buttered movie popcorn, but with a satisfying crunch of a chip. Would buy over and over again.

Cheyenne, MARIETTA, PA

Family of 3. Everyone loved the.


If you enjoy a salted potato chip, this chip is a nice upgrade. You get a nice butter flavor instead of vegetable oil. Great snacking chip not overly exciting but great salt and flavor


These were the most delicious potato chips my boyfriend and I have ever had. Butter and chips seems like a no-brainer, but we’ve never had any butter chips before. Now I wish there were more…

Sophie, Windham, ME

Delicious! A lot of other people say they reminded them of popcorn, but it tasted more like buttery mashed potatoes to me. Had to put the bag down or else I’d eat it all at once!

Christina, Fresno, CA

Who doesn’t love the taste of salty buttery deliciousness!! These were definitely a hit!

Yvonne, Hawk Point, MO

Delicious! Tried to think of what they tasted like and then I read the other reviews … Movie Popcorn! So good!

Diana, Austin, TX

Yummy, buttery! Reminds me of movie popcorn.

Kimberly, Pasadena, CA

I really enjoyed these, they reminded me of original Lays potato chips but an even better version of them. The butter flavor comes through really nice.

Victoria, Roseville, CA

These tasted just like regular potato chips to us. They’re good, but nothing special to write home about.

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