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Fried Corn Mix

Inspired by Peru’s Incan heritage.


Single Pack | 6.4 oz

You could say this snack is a-maize-ing.



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Ingredients: Corn, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Salt.

May contain traces of milk.

4 Reviews

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I love them. Very airy & fluffy, but still a little crunchy. Like a cross between popcorn & corn nuts. Definitely not for everyone though. They are VERY dry & just taste like corn. But I LOVE them!

Gus, Austin, TX

I really liked these. They are mild and lightly salted with a nice crunch. They are not strongly flavored, don’t expect corn nuts, but they are pleasant.

Laura, Tacoma, WA

This was underwhelming. For me the center tasted like powder. My son loved these.

Latisha, Hinesville, GA

We did not care for these at all. Just plain hard corn with no flavor.

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