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Sweet Corn Pretzel Pieces

Turkey’s famous street corn, now in pretzel form!

Single Pack | 3 oz

In one word: surprising. In two words: surprisingly delicious.

Turkish Snacks

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Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil, Canola Oil), Sweet Corn Seasoning (Sugar, Salt, Yellow Corn Powder, Turmeric (Color), Artificial Flavors).

Contains:  WHEAT.

8 Reviews

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These are the most delicious pretzel snack I have ever tasted. It really tastes like buttered corn!

Jackie, Syracuse, NY

Absolutely delicious! Perfectly balanced with a buttery/sweet popcorn flavor!

Brittany, Lisle, IL

Sooo Good! Please add more to the store! I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything like them.

Elijah, Quitman, MS

I can’t get over how much these pretzels taste like fresh sweet corn! We really enjoyed them.

Christy, Alpharetta, GA

So much better than regular (boring) pretzels. Love the great sweet-salty flavor!

Elizabeth, BOTHELL, WA

YUM! If you like pretzels and sweet corn, these are so good! A nice change from the usual pretzel flavors.

Katie, Kingwood, TX

I like pretzels and corn, but I did not care for the snack.

Julianne, Boise, ID

I really was excited to see these in my box…. My eye’s definitely had the highest hopes for these…. But the flavor was not a welcome for me or my bestie…. Maybe if it hadn’t been such a STRONG flavor.

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