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Violet Flavored Gummies

Fragrant & chewy Belgian sweets.

Single Pack | 1.8 oz

This uniquely floral gummy will leave you wondering where it's been all your life.

Belgian Snacks

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Single Pack

$2.40 per pack


Ingredients: Glucose Syrup (From WHEAT And/Or Corn), Sugar, Cornstarch, Citric Acid, Carnauba Wax, Sodium Citrate, Artificial Flavors, Fruit Juice For Color, WHEAT Starch.

Contains:  WHEAT.

7 Reviews

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They were tasty little flavorful gummies and they don’t have a rubbery texture.


They smell like Guerlain cosmetic products. It’s a scent I love, and the flavor is good too.


I loved these! They were my favorite item in the Belgium Yum Yum box. They look beautiful, have a nice texture, and an interesting flavor that is slightly floral. I would purchase them again.

Julianne, Boise, ID

Totally wild! They are elegant, fruity, and fragrant and come off like a high-end cocktail.


Unique but very tasty. I expected them to taste like flowers but it was just the perfect hint of violet

Chayne, Anaconda, MT

Texture is ok, flavor is awful. If you’re in to eating flowers you’ll probably like them

Miquela, Connersville, IN

Definitely not my favorite. They’re denser than I would have liked for a gummy, vegetal at times, but the flavor is unique…? So that’s something?

Stephanie, Kingston, PA
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