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Sweet Cherry Cookies 2

Sweet Cherry Cookies

Soft & buttery, with succulent German cherry.

Single Pack | 4.4 oz

Locally called "ox-eyes," these classic tart cookies are a feast for the eyes—and the taste buds!

German Snacks

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Ingredients: Sugar, Apricot Kernel, Wheat Flour, Apples, Palm Oil, Invert Sugar, Sorbitol, Glucose Fructose Syrup, Whey, Egg, Egg Whites Powder, Sweet Cherry Juice Concentrate, Elderberry Juice Concentrate, Dried Egg Yolk, Soy Flour, Barley Malt Extract, Potato Starch, Pectin, Citric Acid, Ammonium Carbonate, Natural Flavors, Salt.

Contains:  WHEAT, MILK, EGG, SOY.
May contain traces of tree nuts.

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This was the best German snack! A softer buttery cookie with nice sweet jam filling! a delicious combo!


I liked these. The cookie part is dense and not crunchy. It’s not too soft either. It’s that happy medium that I like. The cherry doesn’t overwhelm the cookie’s flavor but is a nice pairing.


Buttery, soft (but not too crumbly) cookies. The apricot kernel flavor (similar to almond) in the dough nicely complements the sweet-tart cherry jam in the center. A very pleasant teatime snack!

Elizabeth, BOTHELL, WA

Do not recommend


These were good but felt the cherry middle was very strong and overpowered the cookie. Not my favorite but the cookie itself was nice. Not too sweet and good crunch/crumble.

Rebecca, Oklahoma City, OK
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