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Tomato & Oregano Bruschetta Bites

Meet your scrumptious ticket to Tuscany.

Single Pack | 5.3 oz

Crispy, sunflower oil-brushed bread, zesty tomato, & fresh oregano. Crunch into Italian deliciousness.


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Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sunflower Oil, Tomato Powder, Salt, Yeast, Oregano, Sugar.

Contains:  WHEAT.
May contain traces of soy.

33 Reviews

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Yum😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻. Addicted


Tasty and so addictive! Great out of the bag or throw on a salad. Nice vessel for a dip or to dip into a soup or stew. I wasn’t sure I’d like them but I LOVE them


Great flavor! Crunchy but not hard.


These are by far the best things in the world. When U-Y are out of stock, I’ve tried to find them elsewhere but no one has them. When you can find these in stock, STOCK UP, They’re DELICIOUS!!!

Brad, Georgetown, KY

I originally got these in a box, but have come back and reordered them several times. The tomato flavor is perfect and they are so crispy.


We loved these sooo much we have reordered several times. It’s a bagel bites in chip form. So amazing.

Jennifer, SPOKANE, WA

These things are DELICIOUS. IMMACULATE. The flavor is amazing and it’s literally like a little crunchy pizza. Next time I order from universal yum, I’m DEFINITELY reordering these.

Kati, Oakland Gardens, NY

Absolutely love it! The first product I’ve ordered more of and I intend to keep it stocked in my pantry!

Jade, Starkville, MS

my god, what have i done, these are soooo good and addicting i cant stop with one bag send more please.

Antonio, FRESNO, CA

The first snack I went and ordered more of, because I couldn’t believe how incredibly delicious these were. And this is coming from somebody who isn’t a big pizza fan normally. A 10/10 snack.


Me and my husband loved them bought more immediately ❤❤❤

Jailene, Wharton, TX

These are absolutely delicious 😋


I have a very limited diet and cannot have tomato sauce… THIS is heavenly. I can satiate that craving for pizza with this snack. AMAZING flavor… absolutely love! I’ve already purchased many!

Sandy, Wappingers falls, NY

I wasn’t sure how these were going to taste, but one bite and I was hooked. These are absolutely addictive. Like having a pizza without all of those added calories.


These are the best! They are like a pizza but snack size. The oregano and tomato have such a great flavor. I just ordered 4 more bags separately. Now we wait for FedEx! 👀

Brad, Georgetown, KY

These were really good I think it would go well with maybe some types of soups or stews but that isn’t how it worked out instead even though it was a ton all of them disappeared while watching Dr. Who

Jessicka, Manitiwoic, WI

Very good – paired with a single bowl of soup, this actually makes a very filling meal. Very strong oregano and tomato flavor and super crunchy!

Chloe, Rockford, IL

These taste like light crunchy pizza bites and they’re life-changing.

Catherine, Waterford, NY

I usually hate oregano, but these have the perfect balance of seasonings. Yummy!

Marisa, Wickliffe, OH

Yeah….. We can’t stop buying these. Every time I take a bag to work to munch on someone ends up taking the rest of the bag home with them. These are truly special! And fairly healthy for a snack!

Andrea, Raleigh, NC

These are insanely good! My wife and I both couldn’t stop eating them, and our 11 month also got in on the action and was very impressed.

Brian, New York, NJ

One my absolute favorites! You can really taste the tomato and oregano, and the bread is the perfect amount of crispy. They’re messy but so worth it. 10/10


Super authentic and natural taste! Definitely a quality product and an instant favorite in my family.

These are in my top 5 for savory snacks in the shop! They are delicious on their own or with soup!

Ashleigh, Rockaway, NJ

Amazing, bold flavors and hard to stop at just one bite. One of the healthier options on this site. I used the crumbs as toppings on mac n cheese and it was awesome.

Sang, Northvale, NJ

These are so addicting!


This is like crack. Favorite snack that came in the Italy box.

Olga, New Rochelle, NY

Very yummy! Wanted more when we got to the bottom of the bag.

Charlene, Smyrna, TN

I’m totally addicted to these. Please carry them continuously! The flavor is excellent, you can really taste the tomato and oregano, and the crunch is awesome. They are also healthier than chips.

Cori, Cheyenne, WY

I love bruschetta, so I was worried that this would be a flop for me, but they are delicious. Tart yet herbaceous and fresh. The bread is the perfect kind of crusty. Love these!

Megan, Richfield, MN

Delicious and crumbly. Had to stop myself from eating all in one sitting.

Michele, Colorado Springs, CO

My absolute favorite thing ever. I’ve bought 4 more and honestly I just want to stockpile my house with them I’ve never came across a snack so delicious.

Holly, Durham, AZ

Very surprised by how fresh and delicious these are

Terasa, Hampton, NH
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