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Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Pop Rocks (Family Size)

Complete with luxurious Italian cream.

Single Pack | 14.1 oz | 30 per pack

Each bite is an explosion of rich chocolate, silky cream, and cracklin' strawberry pop rocks.

Italian Snacks

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Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Coconut, Palm Kernel, and/or Palm), Popping Candy (Sugar, Glucose, Cocoa Butter, Lactose (Milk), Natural Flavors, Carmine, Carbon Dioxide), Cocoa Butter, Dry Whole Milk, Chocolate, Whey, Nonfat Dry Milk, Soy Lecithin, Natural Flavors.

Contains:  SOY, MILK

16 Reviews

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Delicious! A little toooo sweet after a bit, but the pop rocks are so much fun

Jara, Winchester, VA

Flavor good & the experience fun, photos are deceiving – these are not filled with creamy centers, not sure how they shot the pictures they did for the ad, but the center is pretty solid, not creamy.

Kathleen, Columbus, GA

These are incredible! Who would’ve ever thought to put pop rocks in chocolate!? So good!

Evelyn, Richardson, TX

Best candy ever!

Michael, Benson, NC

These are the best chocolates we have ever tasted! The chocolate melts in your mouth and the pop rocks create a whole new experience!

April, ELDON, MO

Such an amazing combination – I will definitely be buying more of these. Delicious and fun!

Chloe, Rockford, IL

Best candy I have ever had!

Joanie, Cairo, GA

Love how they melt and burst in your mouth at the same time!!!

Valerie, AUSTIN, MN

These were such a fun treat! My favorite from the Italy box. I hope you get them back in stock soon.

Rachel, Westminster, CO

One of my absolute favorites from the Italy box! Please please please bring these back in stock!


Pop rocks with chocolate is a rare thing here in America, but it’s consistently good when I can find it. This is no exception. I definitely recommend trying them.

Nicholas, N SCITUATE, RI

These were so good. By far the favorite of everyone in the family. We would absolutely LOVE to get these in a future box. Psst send more at a time. Not just yum, but SUPER YUM!


I have no idea how Pop Rocks, artificial strawberry, and chocolate can go so well together. These things are tacky and delicious.

Thomas, Chapel Hill, NC

I received Italy as my box for November 2020 also, these struck out to me. How the heck has this not become a thing in the US. I popped one in before I read the description, what a nice surprise!

Andrew, Palm Desert, CA

I had Italy as my Nov 2020 box & these were inside it, so freaking DELICIOUS, I grew up eating pop rocks & milk chocolate is my favorite food item, so both together was a dream, fun in your mouth

Alejandra, Greeley, CO

This is a very good chocolate candy. I love the pop rocks, they taste very good with chocolate!

Miguel, Ann Arbor, MI
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